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What we do

What we do

The scope of Staffing service typically includes:

  • Recruitment and replacement: Upon receiving the client’s requirements regarding qualifications, working experience, and job description, Talentnet will send candidates for interview and select the best fits. A replacement is guaranteed in case the selected candidate resigns or the client is unsatisfied with the staff’s performance.
  • Contractor employment and labor management: Talentnet offers professional employment with qualified employees who pass clients’ interviews or meet requirements for a specific service or task. Mentioned employees are managed by Talentnet in terms of payroll processing, document-related tasks, and HR consultancy with strict compliance with the laws.
  • Benefits management: In addition to compulsory insurance, Talentnet supports clients to register and manage other types of benefits, such as extra medical insurance, personal accident insurance, and so on, if required.
  • Business expenses and reimbursement management: Talentnet supports contractors to claim business expenses with a transparent and accurate reimbursement process as well as guidance on the financial invoice and verifying supporting documents and reimbursement or offset cash.

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