What Is Attracting Talented People? Key To Attracting Talented Employees

What Is Attracting Talented People? Key To Attracting Talented Employees

November 8, 2022

If an enterprise wants to continuously develop, it is indispensable to have  talented, experienced and dedicated employees. The key to attracting such talented people is outlined below.

Talented employees – An indispensable factor for the unlimited development of successful businesses in the market. Therefore, each company, when aiming for a breakthrough in business activities, must have the policy to attract capable and experienced personnel to work for the company. Below are some factors that play a key role in attracting talented people to your business.

1. Be a good manager

According to the principle of the Law of attraction, what a person is like will attract people like him. Therefore, in order to attract talented people to work, the manager must first show his/her talent. Because they are the first mirror that employees correspond with and work with when entering a new working environment.

A good manager is someone who always practices the following qualities and characteristics:

A professional manager focuses on the ability to change, adapt to market fluctuations. Therefore he/she is willing to change his mind and perception to be able to solve micro and macro problems related to the company.

The person who knows how to communicate and understand the situation so that he/she is the first person that all teams will trust to talk to when there is a problem in the working process. He/she also is the person who directly listens to the opinions and suggestions of both his superiors and employees to contribute to building a better working environment.

A good manager is one who always sets long-term goals thanks to having a vision of the company’s operations and the upcoming market. Otherwise, he/she is always good at making decisions for the development of the company.

The one who always knows how to reward and punish other people in a proper way, for example, reward well those who do good work and severely punish mistakes

When you are a good manager you will only want to work with talented people thus forcing you to attract talented people in each field to work with you.


Key to attract talented employee

2. Four key of attraction talented people

Finding an employee who knows how to do work and is willing to work for the company is not easy, so below are some “keys” to help businesses have the right recruitment policy to attract good people come to work for you.

2.1 The Intelligent choice

With the aim for attracting talented people, first of all, managers need to know Who is talented? The way to judge people, the subtlety, the meticulousness as well as the life experience of the managers are important factors to help them discover the talents in the fields or those with potential that need to be nurtured.

A smart choice will help managers save time in using people, training people who will cooperate with them for a long time.

2.2 Determine goal Instead of making process

A thriving business is one that knows how to take advantage of the diversity of ability and energy of its employees. There are no identical people working in the same environment, so the capacity, creativity, and innovation in the working process of each different person is completely different.

If businesses can take advantage of this, the manager do not have to set up a workflow, just determine the results that he/she wants each individual to achieve first and then create conditions for them to think and the freedom to choose the ways and methods to do. That will lead to the intended results without having to always follow rigid work procedures. Business will definitely gain unexpected results in the process of its development.

2.3 Encourage strengths and stop “picking up” weaknesses.

Everyone knows the principle: “Show off beautifulness, hide ugliness”. Weaknesses of employees in the business are things that need to be hidden. Once in that case, managers don’t necessarily need to work hard to uncover mistakes from those weaknesses. Don’t think that when you openly talk about other people’s weaknesses, you’re being frank and honest with them and expecting them to change. You are just creating frustration and pressure that makes employees unable to do a good job.

In the other words, managers should encourage strong points in their team. Everyone loves hearing compliments because it has a positive effect on the psychology of the listener. Being rewarded properly and timely is a strong source of encouragement to help employees maintain their enthusiasm for work.

2.4 Right person right job.

Anyone who is able to do what they are good at, what they have experience in, will definitely achieve outstanding results, sometimes even surpassing expectations. Each individual with different perceptions and abilities will be suitable for different job positions. Therefore they all want to work in a suitable job position so that they can promote their full potential and receive the deserved salary, bonus and compensation.

The manager’s job is to figure out which position is suitable for his/her staff’s capacity. That means the manager will have to make a decision to arrange and divide work reasonably to help maintain the individual’s interest in working and bring the best results for the business.

Right person right job

Hopefully, some of the above factors can help businesses as well as managers recruit the right talented employees for their businesses to cooperate and develop to create the best results for both sides.

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