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Digital Transformation - A Faster Way For Businesses In Vietnam

Digital transformation


Digital transformation for businesses in Vietnam

Businesses are initializing digital transformation, especially during the challenging time of the pandemic. According to research conducted by Management department of RMIT University and KPMG Viet Nam, 31% of businesses are unable to change. 

Digital transformation can start from Human Resources

Human Resources is responsible for building communication and collaboration during the transformation process. In order to do that they need to be reliefed from time consuming administration and paper work activities. “Delegate administration activities, paperwork to specialised Human Resources partner like Talentnet will allow business to focus on strategic management plans” advised by Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong, Deputy CEO of Talentnet Corporation. 
Sharing the same point of view, Miss Quach Yen Lan  - Human Resources Specialist of Tetra Pak said “payroll service from Talentnet saves 25% of tasks and time, which allow HR department to focus on internal management and Digital Transformation”. 
With support of payroll service like Talentnet, businesses can develop more efficiently. Ultimately helps company to digital transform effectively.

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Source: Thanh Niên

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