“Glocal”: A Strategic Approach for HR Management

“Glocal”: A Strategic Approach for HR Management

July 2, 2021

The term "Glocal" is formed by combining two different words: global and local.  This term refers to the presentation of global knowledge in a local environment.

“Glocal”: A Strategic Approach for HR Management
“Glocal”: A Strategic Approach for HR Management

With the development of global opportunities, it is no wonder that many companies are expanding to new markets. This can often lead to problems in providing consistent and standardised policies companywide, due to difficulties in integrating global models while adapting local processes and values.

Consequently, the HR divisions have to constantly seek to balance the use of global systems with those that can be tailored to a particular system.

Company-wide systems adapting to regional markets

In order to coordinate and involve employees, it is necessary for a company to adopt a general approach to HR management. At the same time, local teams must be flexible to adjust to practices and cultural standards in the current country to ensure successful recruitment, training and local development. To balance the global and local factors, the team concept should be evolving quickly and take on a career management strategy with ever more flexibility.

And this requires the emergence of a glocal approach to HR management, which will help companies compete in the global war of talent acquisition and address foreign market challenges.

Working across borders to plug the skills gap

Companies surely have major expertise gaps ranging from country to region. Yet if employees are empowered to work across borders, the skill gap may be filled.

A glocal solution should help to strengthen collaboration among the regional teams, as well as finding potential talents in divisions or places within the organization in order to better fill the void. With the development of technology, multinational teams are allowed to collaborate with each other in real time. This eased the need for workers to travel from place to place, resulting in new cheaper ways to fulfill foreign expertise requirements and capability shortages.

Empower local teams

Empower local teams

Without real understanding of the domestic markets, it is hard to thrive as a global brand. To convert your worldwide brand to cultures, local dialects, and nuances, you’ll need local marketers  who are knowledgeable with individual regions.
But how do you add these local flavours to your brand? The answer lies in the local workforce. Developing and nurturing local talents is one of the most critical strategies of every MNC in the long term. More L&D programs should be provided to equip local teams with working knowledge and skills that are needed in the global context.


The more businesses are going global, the more glocal thinking becomes critical. This will not only contribute to the growth of global industry, but will also guarantee productivity and agility. Corporations can accomplish the glocal approach by carefully balancing the use of central but versatile structures to uphold global corporate ideals while ensuring that cultural and regional standards are maintained.

Finding local HR experts is one of the most popular solutions of MNCs to adopt glocal approach. With the global knowledge and local know-how, Talentnet can save you time, resources and find highly skilled staff ready to do your work. The leading human resources adviser in Vietnam, Talentnet employs its payroll framework with the newest technologies with a high level of protection, a strong knowledge of labour law and relevant HR solutions, making it a perfect human resources collaborator for the long-term strategy.

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