#HRmust-know: Employee Database - A Step Toward Success For Businesses

#HRmust-know: Employee Database - A Step Toward Success For Businesses

December 18, 2021

An employee database makes it easier for both employees and employers to keep track of useful data and also, it provides a better understanding of employees which might be helpful for employers in managing their workers. Let’s catch up with the future by understanding the concept of employee databases and their benefits to businesses.

#HRmust-know: Employee Database - A Step Toward Success For Businesses

#HRmust-know: Employee Database - A Step Toward Success For Businesses

1. What’s an employee database?

An employee database includes crucial information, namely the personal information of each employee and business-related information such as recruitment details, salaries and so on. This database can be used to help businesses understand their employees better and make decisions based on practical data to advance working performance.

As every HR department produces data, there are dozens of tracking and reporting data points. Thus, businesses can have a clearer comprehension of their workforce when tracking all the important staff data, from initial recruiting through training to ongoing retention.  In other words, developing a comprehensive and customizable employee database system may help businesses become more prepared for strategic workforce management.  

2. What are the benefits of employee database system?

Workers are considered to be the most precious assets of a company and therefore, the appropriate workforce management is important in ensuring your business success. Making informed business decisions requires a meticulously managed employee database. eLearning Industry listed some outstanding advantages of using an employee database management system as follows:

  • Consolidated databases

Instead of managing employee data manually and tediously, a consolidated database system will make it easier to locate specific pieces or sets of information, thereby supporting businesses to make rational and prompt business decisions. Moreover, a consolidated database management system makes it simpler to develop reports for identifying and tracking employee behaviours and performances in just one click, saving loads of time and effort for the HR department.

#HRmust-know: Employee Database - A Step Toward Success For Businesses

  • Enhanced data security

The protection of your data is no longer challenging with the proper management of employee databases. Restricted access prevents sensitive data from leaking and allows the staff to access only the data they need. The database system also adds an extra security layer as all information is protected by the password.

  • Improved productivity

All the important data is only a click away from the employee database which helps businesses to simplify daily repetitive tasks and allows employees to focus on other priorities. In addition, for multinational businesses, their employee profiles from different countries can be stored in one central area, resulting in improving the efficiency of the overall process and reducing the workload for the HR department.

  • Increase of cooperation among individuals

By using an employee database system, employees may instantly obtain contact information for their peers via employee directory, including designations, contact numbers, email identifiers, seat details, ID numbers, etc. Since not all employees know each other, this makes it possible for everyone to collaborate effectively even when working remotely. This help creates a collaborative workforce, which encourages everyone to come up with better ideas for the improvement of any business.

#HRmust-know: Employee Database - A Step Toward Success For Businesses

  • Reduction of the risk for not complying with the law

The HR department plays a key role in ensuring compliance with privacy legislation as they handle huge amounts of employee personal information and having an employee database management system can benefit the HR department in certain ways. As authorized staff can easily navigate towards the right piece of information and are allowed to view only the data that stay within their authority, it is evident that the employee database management system supports businesses in maintaining the highest level of security and accuracy, making sure businesses are adhering to laws. 

In conclusion, choosing and installing the correct employee database system can be a determining factor for the future development and profitability of your organization. If you are still confused with the concept of the employee database and don’t know how to do it properly, let our experienced team help you. As the leading human resources consulting company in Vietnam, Talentnet has many years of experience in developing human resources databases with the highest security for small to large companies, bringing long-term success to your businesses. With the exclusive partnership with PeopleStrong – Asia’s leading Work and HR Tech provider, Talentnet is confident to offer a fully integrated HR Management system that can manage all employee databases on a single platform. 

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