#HRmust-know: Leadership on The Path to a Cohesive Culture

#HRmust-know: Leadership on The Path to a Cohesive Culture

October 11, 2021

Most of us – if not all – did not prepare for the long haul of remote working. As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out globally, businesses have had to quickly implement new technology platforms and applications as well as new policies to fit with the “new normal” of working from home.

#HRmust-know: Leadership on The Path to a Cohesive Culture
#HRTrending - Leadership on The Path to a Cohesive Culture

But the longer we are into the run, the clearer we understand that the restriction of physical contact between individuals is posing a challenge of maintaining a cohesive culture to retain a productive workforce.

In these times of uncertainty, leadership is becoming more important than ever. The leaders have to cultivate a culture where employees have a sense of belonging, feel valued, and share a common goal. But how to integrate these core values into the management in the “work from home” era? here are some important ways for remote teams to create a better cohesive culture:

Create transparency by sharing the vision

Transparency is a crucial aspect in any healthy organisation. Workers living across the country (or the world) can get in the dark without accountability. This will adversely affect both the cultural and the practical side of a company.

More specifically, transparency needs to be reflected through the action of sharing company’s visions. Each company has its own corporate business plan. This plan must be shared to all employees in the company. That way each team member shares the same visions and understand what he/she could do to contribute to the common goals. 

Sharing organizational visions is one of the crucial steps to create a cohesive culture that is critically important for the overall performance of any business. When a cohesive culture is established, people can be better connected with others in other sections of the company and together move towards the shared goals.

Define the meaning of success.

Identify company objectives and break them down into manageable checkpoints for employees to track their progress along the way to the strategic mark. These checkpoints could be measured by production period, profitability, annual growth or a rise in employee retention and commitment. By clarifying the priorities, employees will be able to understand how their tasks contribute to the team and organizational goals, and it forms a bond between people who works together towards a common goal.

Implement project management systems

Implement project management systems

It is hard to keep up with what each team member is doing and where they are on their part of the project without engaging in casual discussions in a jointly situated office. Modern project management systems make it easier to keep the whole team up to speed on all aspects of a project as they work together in real-time. This allows colleagues to work asynchronously on the same project with minimal communication delays. There’s more transparency, efficiency, and productivity.

Build structured communication channels

Solid and integrated communication channels are necessary for a cohesive culture. This could include routine check-in meetings, a weekly company’s newsletter or email updates. Also, these communication channels should be easily integrated into the existing workflow.  Providing opportunities for communication will enhance the interconnectedness of employees, contributing to the creation of a cohesive culture.

Pay attention to every person

Management Study Guide concurs, “Knowing employees well leads to a healthy work culture.” Your teams consist of individuals with diverse backgrounds, different knowledge and experiences, unique achievement and disappointment, and varied worries and drivers. To build a team environment in which each person feels linked with the organization and community, everyone must first be viewed as an individual.

In the age of remote work, a cohesion culture has proven its effectiveness in maintaining business operation and driving company performance. Looking for solutions to accelerate your company’s culture? Talentnet, Vietnam’s leading human resources consultant, supports organisations to build more cohesive culture in the workplace by providing tailor best-fit HR strategies and approaches for your company. Please contact us to get more information.

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