#HRmust-know: Things You Should Know To Improve Employee Satisfaction

#HRmust-know: Things You Should Know To Improve Employee Satisfaction

October 28, 2021

Many organizations strive to find the right balance between maintaining worker’s satisfaction and reducing costs. However, as human capital is one the most fragile assets of organizations, leaders may find it challenging to effectively manage the outcome. 

#HRmust-know: Things You Should Know To Improve Employee Satisfaction
Things You Should Know To Improve Employee Satisfaction

If people aren’t satisfied, their morality and desire to perform their assigned tasks would be affected. Poorly motivated employees would be less likely to deliver quality service to consumers and put the whole buying experience at risk. Also unsatisfied employees lead to higher employee turnover, which increases expense to recruit and train new employees. All together damages the company’s reputation and financial performance. Businesses could prevent this by investing in their recruitment method and HR management strategies. Here are our top 6 tips to enhance employee satisfaction.

Specify the scope of work
It is essential to communicate consistently, transparently and openly. Set-out expectations at the selection stage. Be honest on what their work involves and figure out what is unique about their profession as this is how you find people who are truly involved in what you have.

Things You Should Know To Improve Employee Satisfaction

Provide versatility
For many jobseekers, flexibility is an essential.  People, including ourselves, want work-life balance, and don’t necessarily want to work from 9 to 5. Thus having varied working hours would help attract and retain valuable staff. Companies should also consider hiring part-time workers and having a big contractor pool as more and more talents are leaning towards the convenience and the flexibility of working as a freelancer instead of a fulltime employee.

Provide quality training 
Many people, especially gen Z, are constantly looking for career growth opportunities. Therefore, an HR strategy that focuses on employee growth and professional development will help one to concentrate on what he/she can contribute to the organization & enhance employee satisfaction. 

Training managers to be effective trainers, leading the teams to learn and practicing the principles of the corporate can help to bring everyone together.

Establish engagement program
Staff are people too. Companies should build and sustain a working environment that enables employees to establish connections throughout the organization. This avoids team isolation and diminishes the influence of individual departures.

Wellness programs such as discounted fitness programs, or free fruit per week may be a good solution to enhance engagement with employees. Treat them as humans. Engage the staff in corporate decision making. Get to know your staff. Encourage a ‘people first’ culture and monitor how people feel about job. And give timely support to ensure that what they do is in the right direction. Those are perhaps the most obvious means of keeping workers satisfied and appreciated.

Forge a strong HR team
The resilience of an organization can be seen in its recruiting policy and the HR team. The first step is to give your HR team opportunities to broaden their horizons via training and immersion in different teams around the company, to truly know how divisions and teams do.

Things You Should Know To Improve Employee Satisfaction

Selecting the right HR service provider
Outsourcing your HR services to an outside service so you can focus on your  key competencies. Recruitment process is complex, even if you have a committed HR unit, it is best to be assisted by professionals. Human beings are the most important and fragile resource of any organisation. They have to be handled very meticulously and it becomes impossible without sufficient expertise. Furthermore, it saves you time, costs and ensures regulations enforcement. 

Investment in the best HR Outsourcing service provider is the first step to build a qualified and motivated team. Whilst choosing the outsourcer, you can look for support in all HR processes such as compliance with regulations, talent database, staff growth, payroll and taxation. Try to get an understanding of the skills of the team. It tells you how they work with you to acquire the best talent. At Talentnet, we provide total HR solutions that are tailored to business needs in the new normal. Talk to us and see what we can do to help you attract and nurture top talents. 

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