#HRmust-know: Why Should You Use Outsourcing Recruitment?

#HRmust-know: Why Should You Use Outsourcing Recruitment?

August 26, 2021

This article will guide companies on what they need to know before choosing an RPO supplier or recruitment solutions.

#HRmust-know: Why Should You Use Outsourcing Recruitment?
At Talentnet, RPO solutions are designed flexibly according to the demands and sizes of businesses

At Talentnet, RPO solutions are designed flexibly according to the demands and sizes of businesses

Definition of recruitment process outsourcing 
RPO stands for Recruitment Process Outsourcing. This is a method of Business process outsourcing (BPO) in which an organization involves a third-party recruiting specialist (in full or in part) to push up the advantages of cost, consistency, effectiveness, servicing and skills. 

But it is not simply a vacancy filling. It consists of optimizing the management process of a company with both short-term and long-term outcomes – many organizations are able to enjoy having an expert service provider handle administrative aspects of recruitment while maintaining oversight of all recruiting decisions and Talent Management.

Benefits of recruitment process outsourcing  

  • Reduce Costs 

One of the key advantages of using RPO is cost-effectiveness and also the main reason for the use of this model by organizations. Many firms see recruitment rates rise as a result of fragmented expenses on headhunters, job boards, and employee turnover. An RPO offers an integrated recruiting approach and is assessed to be time saving, cost effective and quality proven. 

  • Provide access to a talent pool 

Today, one of the main problems that the world employment market is facing is the shortage of skilled applicants to hold key positions in business. The effort to gain the talents required to meet corporate goals and priorities will, without the assistance of an RPO provider, become a “nightmare” scenario. Finding your way through the sea of recruiting firms promising to provide on a “no win, no fee” premise may be a challenging process, but adopting an RPO solution can help you take a more regulated approach while ensuring a high-quality partnering service. Many existing RPO services providers have a thorough, broad database of difficult-to-find individuals required to fill critical employment jobs. 

  • Provide transparency for companies 

The transparency offered by the Service Level Agreement (SLA). The RPO provider will share their breakdowns and measurements with companies, enabling them to understand the proficiency of the overall hiring process. If providers fall short of any of the expectations and violate SLA, businesses can give direct and honest feedback to their RPO provider.

Provide transparency for companies 


  • Enhance diversity in workforce 

Harvard Business Review research shows that businesses which concentrate on diversity appear to do well, with 45% more likely to enjoy market share growth over the previous year and 70% more likely to capture a new market. Using RPO services will enhance your reach and talent pool, allowing you to find eligible applicants from a variety of sources. 
Specifically, RPO can help your company develop a broad pipeline of talent based on merit, not simply location because service providers have enormous networks that stretch into markets and communities across the country. Having diversity of employees, as a result, offers new opportunities, creativity, and improved profit for the corporation. 

  • Improve recruitment scalability and versatility 

The hiring needs of most companies vary throughout the year, depending on the set targets and goals. In these cases, determining the employee level required for optimum efficiency may be a challenge. However, this is something that an excellent RPO company can easily predict and tackle. RPO includes temporary recruitment, which is conducted on project-based or on-demand basis, with various businesses’ particular needs evaluated at each stage to ensure that the right amount of talent is recruited to fill workforce positions. 

In conclusion, RPO improves the recruitment efficiency and provides a strategic edge to a company if applied correctly. Enhancing recruitment by hiring a company puts the best person in the right role and creates an opportunity for everyone: staff are happy, management is more effective, management figures are reached and the organization is successful overall.  

At Talentnet, RPO solutions are designed flexibly according to the demands and sizes of businesses, with a comprehensive understanding of the labor market and legal regulations in Vietnam. Contact us immediately to choose to outsource part or the whole recruitment process with competitive cost, quality and professional process.

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