Year Of The Cat And Successful Lessons HR Can Learn From Them

Year Of The Cat And Successful Lessons HR Can Learn From Them

February 6, 2023

There are some worthwhile habits and behaviors from the cats – the zodiac animal representing the year 2023 that HR can take to leverage the new year and make it brilliant. 

Year Of The Cat And Successful Lessons HR Can Learn From Them

 Year Of The Cat And Successful Lessons HR Can Learn From Them


This is the skill that HR needs to focus on in 2023 since the top 5 strategic initiatives HR is prioritizing in this new year (according to Gartner), including 1. Leader and manager effectiveness, 2. Organizational design and change management, 3. Employee experience, 4. Recruiting, 5. Future of work requires agility in application and operation. Adopting an agility skillset to adapt to the new requirements of employees and businesses is necessary for HR in this fast-changing world. 


In front of a strange object, cats will slowly approach and determine what is it. HR should also have this curiosity when approaching the company’s workforce, through conversations and sincere questions. The majority (75%) of HR professionals stated that well-being and compensation would be the most important area in which to provide support to staff in 2023, according to research by WorkNest. This will help HR dig deeper to discover the motivations and desire to really improve employee engagement and development. 

Observation from above 

Cats often climb to a higher position to observe everything. This habit helps improve their vision, detect prey, and identify dangers. 

Clearly, as the impact of the HR department on the development of the organization continues to increase, HR needs to learn from the cats as improving their “vision” to provide more comprehensive decisions. However, just as cats need to get rid of obstacles in order to climb high, HR needs to relieve themselves of the burden of administrative tasks so that they can put all their energy into strategic activities. 


The special body structure of cats enables them to become masters of “squeezing through narrow openings” due to their ability to slip through gaps and cracks that are only the size of their heads. 

This expertise can make HR envious, as 2023 is predicted to be a tough year with many “narrow openings” such as The layoffs wave; Employees demanding more value in their work; Pressure to ensure equity and equality for employees, etc. In such cases, if HR is flexible and ready to accept market changes as well as quickly evaluate and make decisions, the organization will remain stable and minimize the damage. 

“Zoomies” – Releasing energy 

You may be surprised to see a calm cat suddenly become hyperactive, moving around uncontrollably. This state is called “Zoomies” – a biological mechanism that helps cats release stored energy to maintain a healthy body. 

How does “Zoomies” relate to HR? Due to the nature of their work, HR often forgets the fact that they are also employees and are also susceptible to fatigue and stress like others. According to a survey conducted by Culture Amp for HR, only 41% of HR personnel who have just gone through a period of stress feel able to bounce back as quickly as they usually would. 

Year Of The Cat And Successful Lessons HR Can Learn From Them

Ms. Lý Ngọc Trân, HR Outsourcing Services Director of Talentnet believes that it is time for HR to take care of themselves. “They need to give themselves the opportunity to rest, to relieve negative emotions. At the same time, leaders should support HR by acknowledging their accomplishments, reducing work stress by providing flexible outsourcing solutions, as well as listening to their voices and suggestions to improve the working environment. Only then can HR be “recharged” to spread joy and inspiration throughout the organization.” 

Finally, because cats always appear to be optimistic, HR should not forget to embrace their positive spirit before entering the new year. With a positive attitude and determination, the Year of the Cat 2023 will be yours! 

Source: Báo Đầu Tư

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