New Challenges in Hiring Process and How to Deal With Them

New Challenges in Hiring Process and How to Deal With Them

August 5, 2021

Now, it is clear that COVID-19 will not exit our lives as quickly as it came roaring in. Of course, the hiring process hasn’t escaped this new reality either.

New Challenges in Hiring Process and How to Deal With Them
New Challenges in Hiring Process and How to Deal With Them

What new challenges will companies face in the hiring process?

The first challenge that companies will face when trying to restart hiring is that their employees and financial resources may be severely restricted. They should consider the method of hiring and the efficiency of the people hired.

In addition, when the job market reopens, applications will flood in. How will a restricted HR staff manage and sort through to discover the most excellent two?

Last but not least, COVID-19 safety concerns have a strong impact on the hiring and interviewing process. Before the pandemic, good employers wanted to address obstacles that potential job applicants faced, such as transportation, childcare, and disability-related issues. Now the world has changed and a new barrier for numerous individuals is their concern about security related to COVID-19. This situation requires innovation on the communication between HR managers and candidates.

What ways should companies utilize to overcome this crisis?

Normalize video interviews
In the past, candidates had to travel in for interviews or rely on a telephone call to assess your function. Video technology today is far more accessible and high-tech than previous ones. COVID-19 has shown us that video is almost as excellent as individual meetings many times, and this clearly applies to interviews.
Brought about by necessity, companies have had to embrace the virtual interview process. Although navigating through virtual interviews and finding the best candidates can be challenging, especially when most of the interviews thus far have been conducted face-to-face, the cost and time saved by both parties make the effort worthwhile. In numerous cases, companies may figure out that virtual interviews are in truth the finest choice all through the hiring process, and there are many ways to consolidate virtual perspectives to make them work for you.

Focus on data and analytics in recruiting process
COVID-19 has also shown hiring managers that they can use data to pick up on patterns and predict future success when it comes to expanding their team. They may see everything from the answers that a person offered to their degree and history throughout their video interview. These information bits can assist forecast the success of the applicants in the future. Therefore, rather than guessing which type of person will be the best complement to the team and hoping that they are right, it is better to rely heavily on facts and data to guide your choice in recruitment.

Pay more attention to your company branding 
The pandemic brings about the rise of the internet using, it’s become easier than ever for job seekers to gather information about the companies where they apply. Therefore, it has become obvious that your company’s online presence can attract or discourage talent, so please spend your time wisely using these resources. If you are a creative company, utilize social media and your website to demonstrate this creativity and attract people who want to find a place where their ideas flourish. If you are a company with a lot of structure, utilize your web material to clarify it so that you can attract talent that values stability. In addition, you want to ensure that your messages are consistent across all platforms and that they accurately reflect the purpose of the firm. This ensures you attract the right talent.

Emphasize cultural fitness
In unprecedented times, we have to pay more attention to a critical recruiting challenge — hiring for cultural fitness, which was previously disregarded. This is a significant aspect for both the employers and the applicants in times of constant and tremendous changes. 
Not long ago, applicants just applied for the finest wages and advantages. They didn’t give much attention to the balance between work and life or how they would feel in the working environment culture. The recruiting supervisors also concentrated on curriculum vitae, including past posts, degrees, honors and technical abilities. Being ‘perfect on paper’ may usually turn a blind eye, and the hiring process today pays greater attention to whether the individual fits into the function and culture of the organization instead of the background from the top schools.

Being the world's top HR Consultant in Vietnam

Now, when it comes to competing for top talent, you may have realized that if you want to get the attention of valued potential employees, you need to win their hearts by perfectly presenting and selling your company culture instead of pushing them into regular recruiting methods.

As your business is preparing for the job market to reopen, finding a consultant specializing in the hiring process would definitely save you time and money in renovating the workforce. Being the world’s top HR Consultant in Vietnam, Talentnet, with the well known executive search service and the large and diverse pool of nearly 10,000 contractors, supports organizations to accelerate the change through offering the best-fit talents suitable with new-normal business needs. For further information about employment service, please contact us.

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