Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - How does It Work?

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - How does It Work?

August 27, 2021

RPO includes the transition of either part or full of the recruitment process to an external partner. In the event of a transfer of an organization, or even mergers and acquisitions, RPOs are often used and have proven their effectiveness.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) - How does It Work?
With Talentnet Corporation, you will find one of the best RPO or BPO Vietnam partner

With Talentnet Corporation, you will find one of the best RPO or BPO Vietnam partner

What are the RPO services? 
Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a part of BPO when an external contractor is hired to do the recruiting management, such as employment service, for a company. A more controlled and well-run recruiting process can greatly boost workforce efficiency while also improving prospective workers’ perceptions about your company as companies can focus their business activities on strategic initiatives.

The RPO will allow firms to significantly shorten hiring time and tremendously save costs if they handle a quality supplier well, especially in the case of mass recruitment. They have the responsibility to plan, design and manage the recruiting process.

Who should use RPO? 
The following companies can benefit from RPO particularly well: 

  • Requirements for high volume hire 
  • Seasonally, changeably or rapidly increasing personnel requirements 
  • Limited HR headcount 
  • Special needs for recruitment include various or atypical fields of talent 
  • Urgent staffing requirements 

Why is choosing the right partner so important?

What other benefits does RPO bring to your company? 
Scales as required – In any sector, resource requirements differ throughout the year. For instance, stores usually recruit additional personnel during the holiday to satisfy increased customer demand. RPO services provide the possibility of filling up fluctuating recruitment resources to satisfy customers’ unique demands, companies simply pay for what they require at the time.

Reduced recruitment time – The inflation of time-to-hire is one of the biggest obstacles to an efficient recruiting process. Companies not only wasted time, money and but also unfilled employment positions. The RPO model introduces strong mechanisms for reducing these delays and ensuring the best talent at long last. 

Business model reinforcement analytics – Because RPO firms hold comprehensive talent databases and fully evaluated data, they can evaluate and forecast potential developments that impact their clients. They will adequately advise managers to perform key functions with this knowledge. 

Branding for your employer – Glassdoor finds that 69% of job seekers are more likely to apply when the firm actively maintains its employer image, showing how important a good identity is for the company and how it can draw candidate. If the recruiting process is well conducted, RPO will have a favorable effect on the employer image. RPO providers will investigate a company’s identity carefully, compare it to the competitors and build a strong recruiting dialog.

Why is choosing the right partner so important? 
The RPO team has to ensure they know adequately about the characteristics of talents their client hopes to recruit. In addition, it is also strongly advisable to carry out reputational tests to assess the transparency of RPO hiring processes. 

With Talentnet Corporation, you will find one of the best RPO or BPO Vietnam partner included with professional consulting from our experienced consultant teams. With a committed on-site recruiting team devoted to your business, Talentnet enables you to develop and handle your workforce better along with the transparency of recruitment costs.

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