Six Recommendations For Effective Manufacturing Training

Six Recommendations For Effective Manufacturing Training

February 10, 2022

In order to remain competitive, companies are turning to digital transformation as an obvious means of making long-term investments. However, companies must not neglect investments in their human resources in order to complete their digital strategy. Therefore, a well-planned manufacturing training should be launched as soon as possible. 

Six Recommendations For Effective Manufacturing Training

Six Recommendations For Effective Manufacturing Training

It is hard to deny that developing an effective manufacturing training program is a critical investment for the long-term growth of every business. Ericson and Fusion, the two leading manufacturing companies, advise incorporating the following recommended practices into your manufacturing training so you don’t waste any time and resources:

1. Start early

As soon as you successfully recruit new employees, start organizing training sessions for them. This is because training new workers from the get-go will show that the company values them and will accentuate their contributions to the company’s goals. More importantly, manufacturing has the third-highest safety incident rate, with 400,000 occupational injuries each year. As companies initiate training sessions early, workers in the manufacturing industry receive appropriate instruction on mandated safety protocols, thereby dropping accident rates significantly and facilitating their professional development in the future.

2. Teach them why rather than how

Share where their piece of the puzzle fits in the larger picture with your production team. Share the company’s goals and their involvement in reaching those goals, and they will know that their contributions are critical to the company’s success. Through manufacturing training, companies can provide staff with the knowledge required to understand the importance of their role on the production line. This will not only engage them but will also make them a more productive part of the team.

Six Recommendations For Effective Manufacturing Training

3. Keep it up

Continuous training creates a culture that values innovation, where employees always feel empowered to propose ideas to improve the company’s business performance. Besides, the continuous training enhances the adaptability of the workers to the constantly changing manufacturing industry by updating the necessary new methods and skills. Trained employees can develop more quickly and efficiently to complete tasks as they have acquired new knowledge and improved their qualifications.  As a result, this fosters the development of a flexible workforce that can quickly adapt to production fluctuations.

4. Be organized and consistent 

The creation and standardization of a successful training program need to be documented. This ensures consistency and accuracy of all knowledge and skills that employees accumulate after each training session. Furthermore, documented training sessions promote internally competent candidates who are ready and eager to transform their roles within the company. Internal promotions also reduce costs and save time for the hiring process.

From the instructor’s side, make sure that training instructors deliver the same message while educating your personnel. Consider hiring more experienced personnel for on-the-job training. You might even have them write the message down as they go through the process to communicate a consistent message.

5. Make training exciting

You don’t want a snoozefest that will bring your employees to tears. Make your training more engaging by incorporating group discussions and activities. Give concrete examples that are relevant to your team. Distribute goodies to everyone who participates actively. Integrate emerging technology into training, such as virtual reality, to simulate proficiency with machine handling and operation. It is important to get people attention and make them want to listen to you because this helps create effective communication and flexibility within the workplace.

Six Recommendations For Effective Manufacturing Training

6. Encourage everyone’s input

Make sure you receive input from everyone on your manufacturing team while you’re building your training program. Employees see it as a sign of management’s confidence in their professional progress when they are given greater duties, such as assisting to produce training materials.

After the training, also request feedback from your staff. You’ll receive some wonderful ideas for what could be useful in the future. This will help you to get into their interests and learn about their preferred learning style. Not only that, but your staff will understand that you respect their input. You could even obtain some enhancement suggestions that you hadn’t considered before.

In short, if employees believe that sharing their knowledge can grow the company, they will be productive and loyal which improves the overall morale and product quality management of the company. This also increases employee happiness and profit margins, resulting in enhanced company value.

A comprehensive, well-designed manufacturing training program provides several advantages to companies. Following these best practices can help you save money, increase employee engagement, decrease attrition, and boost productivity. It can also provide a company with more scheduling flexibility, which can lead to operational advantages. Investing in the training of your manufacturing personnel will result in increased production, allowing you to remain competitive.

Manufacturing training can be the deciding factor in the success and failure of a business. However, the industrial business is fraught with obstacles that make it harder than ever to train new employees. To develop a specific manufacturing training plan, contact Talentnet‘s experts for a thorough consultation for your company. As the leading human resource consulting company in Vietnam, Talentnet has provided tailored solutions for leading large companies in the industry, contributing to the company’s sustainable development.

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