Tips to Retain Talents amid the Pandemic

Tips to Retain Talents amid the Pandemic

July 1, 2021

Businesses need to construct suitable plans to deal with sudden change in human resources due to COVID-19.

Tips to Retain Talents amid the Pandemic
Considering outsourcing personnel

Considering outsourcing personnel

While only 2 years have passed since the start of COVID-19, customers’ behavior are changing quicker than ever, and businesses are on the race to digital transformation and remote working. In the webinar “Who can drive Sale & Marketing 4.0?” hosted by Talentnet, the statistics show that while applicants are plentiful, businesses are still struggle to “find a needle in a haystack”.

There are a few reasons for this situation. One of those is the transition of labor market where only 61% of Gen X are still working (in the US)(1), while Gen Z are not on a par with the requirements and Gen Y cannot fill all the positions demanding senior expertise. Another reason is that the growth rate of businesses has surpassed the recruitment rate, which contributes to the shortage of personnel.

To address this situation, Talentnet experts share 2 solutions:

In the long term, businesses should carefully construct talent acquisition and development plan for potential candidates from universities. This will be a long-term investment that required proper budget from businesses.

businesses should consider outsourcing personnel to quickly fill up the opened positions

In short term, businesses should consider outsourcing personnel to quickly fill up the opened positions. This way, businesses can save a lot of time and resource to find new people while swiftly troubleshooting the HR crisis and maintaining the development goal.

Develop talent retention plan

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused continuous changes in models, the number of employees, working method. And this poses serious problems to HR departments since they have to deal with a major workload and errors can easily happen. Not only that, businesses are vulnerable to cyber-attack and losing important information.

According to Talentnet, business if not owned a highly-skilled internal team, should considering using payroll outsourcing services with advanced management system. This way, HR department are relieved of the mountain of workload, and important information can be protected.

In the period of pandemic, the fact that consulting firms can support businesses in setting up suitable welfare package for the new now, strengthen employer branding is especially beneficial.

Ms. Thanh Hương – Talentnet Deputy CEO

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