Top Payroll Companies And Payroll Services In Hanoi

Top Payroll Companies And Payroll Services In Hanoi

May 23, 2022

Payroll services are becoming increasingly popular as a way to save time, human resources, money, and other resources. Let's find out the TOP 5 best payroll companies in Hanoi with Talentnet.


Currently, Talentnet is the only company providing comprehensive HR solutions

1. Payroll service provider – Talentnet

About Talentnet

The first time Talentnet appeared on the Vietnamese market played the role of Human Resources Services of PricewaterhouseCoopers Vietnam. Over 20 years of establishment and development, Talentnet is currently the leading company in Vietnam in human resources. With the criterion of providing comprehensive, professional, and practical HR solutions, Talentnet has increasingly proved its position in the domestic and international markets.

Currently, Talentnet is the only company providing comprehensive HR solutions. Services provided include:

  • Mercer salary survey
  • Recruiting senior personnel
  • Payroll service
  • Business Services
  • HR consulting
  • Outsourced HR Services.

At the same time, Talentnet is also a partner of two leading companies globally, ADP (one of the world’s leading companies in the field of providing outsourced services) and Mercer (the world’s leading corporation specializing in training and HR consulting). In addition, the company’s customers are diverse, from domestic companies to multinational companies.

Talentnet’s payroll service

Payroll service solution is one of the top services at Talentnet. The company specializes in providing comprehensive packages of payroll services according to international standards and combines extensive local law knowledge and a fully automated payroll system. Therefore, at present, Talentnet is always the first choice of businesses in handling salary data, becoming a reputable, efficient and reliable payroll service provider. Some methods of Talentnet:

  • Integrate many different HR systems
  • The payroll system is always up to date and integrated with the employee portal.
  • Provide various reports
  • Provide salary calculation methods and system solutions suitable for each customer’s needs
  • Consulting enthusiastic, knowledgeable about market practices and the latest legal regulations.

In particular, the great advantage of Talentnet is that it has an online connection system with online payslips, time attendance management, overtime management, and connects to other systems through connection. Interface with many global HR systems.

Contact Talentnet via: 

2. Payroll service company – HR2B

Introduction to HR2B

HR2B was established on 07/2003 to provide Premium Search service to staff. Later, HR2B expanded the activity field with services such as recruitment, outsourcing, payroll,… By 2010, HR2B had successfully acquired Mekong International Services Company (MIS).

HR2B has shown its growth, rise, and continuous development in a short time. Since 2013, HR2B has joined IRC and is present in more than 45 countries. HR2B has expanded to more than 90 offices, 350 consultants, and 3,000 customers.

HR2B’s payroll service

HR2B’s payroll service helps businesses simplify the payroll process while ensuring accuracy and compliance with Labor Laws. In addition, HR2B has an experienced and highly specialized staff and constantly updating solutions to optimize the payroll process to help businesses save time and money. From 2006 until now, HR2B has implemented more than 500,000 salary management transactions, the customer satisfaction level reached 80%.

3. Payroll service agency – Faro Vietnam

About Faro Vietnam

Faro Vietnam was born under the cooperation of Vietnam Origin Trust Labor Supply Company Limited and Vietnam Origin Trust Recruitment Joint Stock Company. Up to now, Faro has 16 years of experience in providing high-quality HR services to businesses.

Faro Vietnam has a good position in the domestic market with dedication and effort. Currently, Faro Vietnam operates in various fields such as recruitment services, HR outsourcing services, payroll services, and consulting services.

Payroll service of Faro Vietnam

Faro Vietnam’s payroll service is supported by modern HR solution software and experienced and highly specialized staff. When customers use the payroll service at Faro Vietnam, they will realize the following advantages:

  • High accuracy, minimizing errors
  • Absolute security
  • Enthusiastic and experienced team of professionals
  • Stay up to date with new regulations related to salary and labor
payroll company near me
With the criterion of providing comprehensive, professional, and practical HR solutions, Talentnet has increasingly proved its position in the domestic and international markets

4. Payroll service firm – NIC

About NIC

NIC – NIC Human Resources Consulting Joint Stock Company (NIC HR) was established in 2002 and is an enterprise specializing in providing HR services. With over 16 years of experience, NIC is one of the most reliable providers in domestic and foreign enterprises choose. 

In addition, NIC is also a multi-disciplinary company providing various services such as outsourced human resources services, recruitment consulting, payroll services, and unskilled labor supply services. Currently, NIC is an official member of the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam and the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi.

NIC’s Payroll Service

With many years of experience in operation and a qualified professional team, NIC’s payroll service has attracted many customers. Here are some advantages of NIC when customers use payroll service here:

  • Shorten the time but still keep the performance
  • Cost savings
  • High precision
  • Safe security
  • Quality human resources

5. Payroll service provider – JobTest

About JobTest

JobTest – is owned by Global HRDC (providing HR services and solutions), has a modern information technology background, and has experienced and professional staff. JobTest is a trusted choice of many companies to support in building human resources, creating competitive advantage, and sustainable development.

JobTest has more than 4,500 customers, 300,000 candidates, and an expert team. The payroll service is JobTest’s strong point besides online recruitment and candidate assessment websites. With what has been achieved, JobTest increases its position in the market.

Some outstanding service models of JobTest: Online human resource assessment, competency framework and capacity dictionary, personnel outsourcing, reference checking, and payroll service.

JobTest’s payroll service

Payroll service has a significant role in JobTest. The company’s advantage is the standardization-based salary calculation method on specialized software. Therefore, all data is completely secured. At the same time, Payroll tasks are censored many times to ensure absolute accuracy.

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