Vietnam Work Permit Service For Foreigners

Vietnam Work Permit Service For Foreigners

September 28, 2015

As a result of integration and AEC 2015 in the near future, Vietnam, a potential market, is attracting more and more foreign workers.

Vietnam Work Permit Service For Foreigners

As a result of integration and AEC 2015 in the near future, Vietnam, a potential market, is attracting more and more foreign workers. Any foreigners who want to work in Vietnam are obliged to apply for work permits issued by the Vietnam’s Department of Labour, Invalid and Social Affairs. The procedures for obtaining or renewing work permits which require many steps and a number of documents may confuse those who live abroad and have little knowledge about Vietnam’s Labour Law for foreigners. For this reason, many travel agents, law firms in Vietnam are willing to provide you with their work permit services. Are those services necessary? What should you prepare when using work permit services? Below are things you may wish to know more.

Why do you need work permit service?

Saying no to work permit service means you can save an amount of money but are you ready to face many difficulties happening when applying by yourself?  Here are some troubles you may get:

  • Law changes: For example, a new guideline on work permit concerning foreign employment was implemented on 1 November 2013. There are changes in work permit exemptions and approval of technical workers for work permits. Without service instruction, you must know well about laws on compulsory conditions, exemptions, application and keep abreast with any changes every year. 
  •  Missing or wrong documents: A lot of documents are required during a lengthy process. You may get your documents notarized in the wrong way or you may forget to prepare some documents which result in work permit rejection. 
  •  Strange places: Even if your documents are approved, you still have to complete many steps in Vietnam before getting a work permit. Vietnam is new to you and you have to find ways to go to many strange places such as Department of Labor, Invalid and Social Affairs, authorized hospitals, people committee. Language barrier is also a problem.

With understanding of laws and procedures, service providers can help you handle all the above troubles, give you any information you want, instruct you in application specifically.

What documents should you prepare before using service?

You should contact a trusted work permit service provider to get the furthest information. Basically, following are documents you must prepare and submit to your provider:

  • Notarized and Legalized of Non-Criminal record: issued by the foreigner’s authorized body before coming to Vietnam / Police track of Vietnam is issued by Department of Justice for foreigners who live in Vietnam for 6 months or more.
  • Health check certificate: must be checked by authorized hospitals in Vietnam.
  • Notarized and Legalized Certificates: degrees such as bachelor, master, doctor or appropriate qualifications
  • Working experience confirmation document from former employers.
  • Passport size photos
  • Employer’s Business certification.
  • Passports (Copy).
  • Approval document from Committee which allows employer to hire foreign workers.

Note: Make sure all of your documents are authorized by authorities.

Processing time: Around one month

Service charge: depending on providers and kind of service

Processing time and service charge vary between travel agents and law firms. You may want to consider deliberately and make a comparison before choosing the provider.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our HR outsourcing service.

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