An Exclusive Webinar Series of Talentnet: “COVID-19 The Way Out”

An Exclusive Webinar Series of Talentnet: “COVID-19 The Way Out”

June 8, 2020

With a desire of providing optimal HR solutions and updating important information to support businesses affected by COVID-19,...

An Exclusive Webinar Series of Talentnet: “COVID-19 The Way Out”

The webinar on April 21, 2020 “Compliance matters during COVID-19”: Labor compliance | The common failures in organizational restructuring.

On April 21, 2020, with over 150 participants, Mr. Tran Ngoc Thich, Lawyer, Master of Law, Head of Legal Department of Talentnet shared about the Rights and responsibilities of Employers and Employees when being affected by Covid-19 and supportive policies from the Vietnamese government.

Talentnet representative also answered many questions of participants such as payments of Social insurance, Health insurance, Unemployment insurance, Occupational accident of Employers / Employees during the temporarily stop-working period due to COVID-19, agreement process and amendment of the Labor contract when companies have to reduce wages, employees are entitled to sickness benefits under the Social insurance law when they are tested positive to COVID-19, etc.

Watch the video of the webinar “Compliance matters during COVID-19” here 

The webinar on April 28, 2020 “The new territory of HR budget”: HR reciprocal overview from businesses, HR budget optimization

On April 28, 2020, Talentnet successfully organized the second webinar with more than 200 participants, presenting the Survey Results on HR practices in coping with COVID-19 of big organizations in Vietnam 

The survey attracted more than 172 clients from various industries such as Manufacturing, FMCG, Life Science, and High-Tech. The survey results provided a lot of valuable information and practical HR solutions to deal with COVID – 19.

Watch the video of the webinar “The new territory of HR budget” here

The webinar on May 12, 2020 “Re-navigating the dynamics at work”: Working style, employee interaction adjustments and work flexibility

One of the most interesting topics in this webinar series is “Re-navigating the dynamics at work”. The webinar on May 12 attracted more than 350 attendees with the comments of distinguished guests from PepsiCo, Biti’s, Talentnet.

Leadership, company culture, and teamwork are the three key factors that determine success in employee engagement. At this webinar, Ms. Nguyen Ha Trang, Human Resources Director of PepsiCo Foods Vietnam made valuable comments about the importance of Employee Engagement including: Organizing teambuilding activities, preach your core values, Celebrate Success & Failure, let employees have autonomy.

Watch the video of the webinar “Re-navigating the dynamics at work” here

An exclusive webinar series of Talentnet: “COVID-19 The Way Out” - 1

Guests attending the seminar include:

  • Ms. Nguyen Ha Trang, Human Resources Director, PepsiCo Foods Vietnam
  • Ms. Vuu Le Quyen, CEO of Biti’s Corporation
  • Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, CEO of Talentnet
  • Ms. Ly Ngoc Tran, Director of HR Outsourcing Service, Talentnet

The webinar on May 26, 2020 “From the aftermath loss to promising win”: Business restructuring and HR optimization solutions

It can be seen that Covid-19 is a special training course for enterprises and workers on adversity coping capacity, but it is very different from the previous economic crisis or recession because It affects not only economic and financial but also the lives of many employees. Hence, at the fourth webinar with more than 300 participants, the guest speakers had a very practical share about the change in Business Model needed such as:

– Shaping the organization in terms of structure, analyzing the effectiveness of the organization, optimizing resources, improving skills, working methods, etc. 
– Start with the “PROACTIVE” mindset to maintain business and employment for employees in the long run
– Practice the above plans regularly connected with improving productivity and creating opportunities for employees to develop.

Through the following webinars, Talentnet officially introduced “DOWNSIZING & RESTRUCTURING HR CONSULTING SERVICES” to assist businesses in restructuring or changing business models due to COVID-19 outbreak. With this advisory service, Talentnet will conduct in-depth research on current business situations, legal framework, labor workforce, impacts caused by the pandemic, etc., then propose a comprehensive plan and carry out the implementation following specific requirements of the businesses. 

Watch the video of the webinar “From the aftermath loss to promising win” here

An exclusive webinar series of Talentnet: “COVID-19 The Way Out” - 2

Guests attending the seminar include:

  • Mr. Le Tri Thong – CEO & Vice Chairman, PNJ
  • Mrs. Nguyen Thi Tuong Van – HR Business Lead, Mondelez Vietnam
  • Mrs. Nguyen Thi Minh Giang – Partner and Talent & Culture Mekong Capital
  • Ms. Trinh Mai Phuong, Vice President HR, Unilever Vietnam
  • Mrs. Nga Vương – Director, Executive Search Service and Hanoi Branch Director – Talentnet

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