Unpaid Overtime On Teambuilding Drive Employees To Resign

Unpaid Overtime On Teambuilding Drive Employees To Resign

July 28, 2022

Job hopping has become a challenge for many businesses after the pandemic.

Unpaid Overtime On Teambuilding Drive Employees To Resign

Unpaid Overtime On Teambuilding Drive Employees To Resign

Overloaded and unsatisfied staff

Since the beginning of this year, N.M.Phong (23 years old, living in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City) has been working for a large technology company. Phong understands that working overtime is unavoidable, but he is surprised that it happens too often which threatens his work-life balance.

Aside from working at the office, I also have to exceed my working time at home. Be ready to reply to any messages and feedback even at dawn, midnight, or during my days off. There was a time I had to bring my device when attending the company’s team building.” Phong shared.

HRs need to “rethink”

HR experts believe that businesses can find better solutions to this conundrum with a rethinking mindset.

After the pandemic, businesses not only have to face great challenges such as unstable market, high inflation rate or uncertainties in business operation but also find ways to meet new requirements or deal with employee layoffs,” said Ms. Tiêu Yến Trinh, CEO of Talentnet.

According to Ms. Trinh, rethinking means revising or re-considering the current strategy and daring to change and eliminate the outdated and unsuitable ones. It is important to apply the rethinking mindset to human capital solutions as this is the backbone that helps businesses operate smoothly.

Unpaid Overtime On Teambuilding Drive Employees To Resign

Rethinking has long been the foundation of HR management and after 2 years of constant upheavals from the pandemic, it once again becomes the highlight.

Mr. Trần Thanh Tân, Vice Chairman of Dragon Capital Vietnam, as well as the strategic sponsor of Vietnam HR Awards 2022, noticed that many businesses have provided highly responsive initiatives with the “rethinking” mindset. At the 4th Vietnam HR Awards – the award about human capital strategies, many businesses have been recognized for their excellent responsive human capital initiatives by applying this “rethinking” mindset.

According to Ms. Yến Trinh, this mindset provides businesses with a better and more flexible HR solution, as well as allows employees to be more active in managing their tasks and rethinking.

Another solution to increase the effectiveness of HR management and understanding your employees is to create an open culture where employees feel comfortable speaking up. “HR department and leaders should encourage employees to speak up and share their opinions. Bringing up sharing circles or reflection sessions will be the stepping stone to re-establish the rethinking mindset and provide a total overview of the matters.” – Ms. Trinh advised.

Source: Tuổi Trẻ

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