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Whose Chance Season 3 is officially back - Will new records be made?

Following the success of first two seasons, ‘Cơ hội cho ai – Whose Chance?’ season 3 is back with high caliber “boss” line-ups and attractive job offers. Take a shot at winning over unrivaled salary package from top businesses.



Talentnet continue to be exclusive HR partner of Whose Chance season 3, strengthen the bridge between employers and employees

 “Cơ Hội Cho Ai – Whose Chance?” is the biggest reality show about employment in Vietnam, aired on national channel VTV3 weekly with a disruptive format. Each episode, applicants are given the chance to present themselves to eminent leaders from leading businesses to win astounding positions with competitive compensations in their companies. After two seasons, there have been 18 C-suite level leaders from major businesses appearing in this show and offering staggering amount of 37 satisfactory opportunities to applicants from various ages, expertise, geographical backgrounds, …

Authentic interview – unfeigned negotiation – genuine job. These are the three factors that earn Whose Chance a spot in viewers’ hearts and confirm the show position as truly beneficial to  job seekers.

Those factors are also the reasons for Talentnet to continue offering support for Whose Chance - season 3 on HR knowledge to further amplify the HR expertise behind the show.

Mr. Lê Trí Thông_Whose Chance Season 2

Candidates will have the chance to meet with high caliber leaders such as Mr. Lê Trí Thông – CEO PNJ (Whose Chance – season 2)

What’s in it for the candidates? The chance to make a name for yourself and break the 68 million dong offer record

May you be not familiar with standing on the big screen, before 6 top tier leaders to apply for major positions. But don’t worry, Talentnet and Whose Chance are your companion in this journey by guarantee you a lot of attractive benefits:

  • Candidates are able to join exclusive coaching hosted by Talentnet – a leading HR firm - to better help them retain confidence and articulate their past experiences. The skills learned from these trainings can help candidates to not only perform better on the show’s live interviews, but also easily apply to deal with various future work cases.
  • With wide range of coverage, candidates will appear on both online and offline channels, reaching out to millions of viewers. Each candidate’s story is cleverly delivered, amplifying the candidates’ branding in the eye of leading employers in Vietnam.
  • Furthermore, Whose Chance and Talentnet guarantees to support candidates up to 6 months after they start working, ensuring candidates receive full benefits packages businesses promise on the show.
  • And lastly, this season, Whose Chance offer candidates the one-of-a-kind opportunity to break the record and win the 100-million-dong offer!

The casting for season 3 is now! Send in your CV now and take the chance to your dream career.

Contact information:
Mr. Tran Hai Nam
Phone: (028) 6291 4188 – Ext: 503

Send in your CV now!