Is It Always A Must To Socialize With Colleagues?

Is It Always A Must To Socialize With Colleagues?

July 27, 2022

Although building strong relationships with our colleagues is essential for us to blend in and thrive in a business setting, not everyone is willing or capable of socializing with others.

1. Introvert personality

Many people find it challenging to communicate with others due to their personality. According to research by author Jennifer Kahnweiler, an expert on introverts, the ratio between introverts and extroverts in our society is equal. As such, there is a 50% chance that your co-worker dislikes the daily greetings and communication, but this does not imply they are neither friendly nor sociable.


Communicating in the workplace may be a burden for many people. Communicating in the workplace may be a burden for many people

For introverted employees, modern offices with open, collaborative workspaces are living nightmares. However, despite their lack of interest in communication, introverts are independent workers with the ability to focus intensely for long periods of time. They possess the tremendous capability to concentrate on a single task, making introverts ideal candidates for professional positions that require meticulousness, such as accounting, legal, programming, and software development.

In addition, introverted employees can request their bosses for private sharing sessions or one-on-one consultations. This is an appropriate opportunity for them to openly and comfortably express their opinions rather than participating in crowded team bonding sessions.

2. Specific occupational requirement

Some particular jobs, such as copywriters, programmers, translators… require employees to work independently and maintain concentration most of the time. For this reason, employees in these fields can be perceived as unapproachable or unsociable in the workplace. Furthermore, a survey from the University of Iowa found that being overloaded during peak times can also drive employees’ exhaustion, thus enabling their social withdrawal behaviors to take shape. Whether the description fits or not, being seen as quiet and unapproachable can gradually lead to your loss of connection with other colleagues. Not only will this negatively affect your relationship with co-workers but it will also reduce your productivity.


Some jobs make it difficult for employees to communicate with colleagues

It is also crucial to remember that missing your chance to socialize with your colleagues does not mean that you need to rush into the next company’s party to catch their attention. Instead, take a break, relax, and recharge your energy. You can start getting to know a small group of teammates by talking to them at lunch or eating with them after work. When being overloaded at work, it’s best to speak to your supervisor so they can give you advice and motivation, or simply just for them to listen to your thoughts.

3. Unsuitable working environment

The Mind the Workplace Report 2019, released by Mental Health America (MHA), shows that business culture strongly impacts employee confidence, motivation, and workplace pride. A company culture with a relaxed and open working environment is essential for employee engagement and happiness, assisting them in identifying their goals, orienting their work, and establishing positive relationships.

Being reluctant to communicate in the workplace can result from an inappropriate working environment. In detail, companies may have activities that do not align with your expectations in developing your career path. It can also be attributed to the mismatched working style among employees or with your boss. In such cases, you could try to observe the workplace culture and relate to your values and beliefs. Balancing these factors will help you become more open and inclusive with the organization. If problems arise from your boss or colleagues, you should take the initiative and voice your expectations and working style clearly.

In the worst scenario that nothing improves even after trying to adapt, you should consider looking for another working environment more suitable for your orientation and personality.


A proper working environment is crucial for employees’ long-term commitment

Good relationships among colleagues are essential in boosting a business’s morale and efficiency. Therefore, whatever the reason, you still need to communicate with your colleagues to show your professionalism at work and your role within the team, hence establishing yourself as a valuable company member.

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