Top 5 Best HR Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam in 2024

Top 5 Best HR Outsourcing Companies in Vietnam in 2024

January 23, 2024

Outsourcing HR functions to external specialists can boost operational efficiency, lower costs, and enable strategic focus for companies. However, finding the best HR outsourcing companies in Vietnam matched to specific business needs is key to realizing these benefits. We compare the top 5 leading vendors across service capabilities to simplify the provider selection process.

Vietnam’s HR outsourcing industry has expanded rapidly amidst double-digit economic growth, appealing to both local and multinational firms. As the sector continues to mature, more companies now have access to specialized vendors offering recruitment, payroll, compliance, and other HR services. This review profiles 5 of the best HR outsourcing companies in Vietnam, assessing their strengths across these service domains. The analysis provides actionable insights to help companies determine the ideal HR partner based on internal requirements.


Overview: Talentnet is a leading local HR outsourcing provider in Vietnam, offering full-scope HR services including recruitment, payroll, compliance, labor management, and customer service support. With over 10 years of experience, Talentnet serves over 150 foreign and local companies across various industries, achieving 100% punctuality, accuracy, and legal compliance for all its clients.

Talentnet is one of the top HR outsourcing companies
Talentnet is one of the top HR outsourcing companies
  • Why picked: Talentnet stands out as a top local HR outsourcing partner due to its deep expertise and capabilities across all HR functions. By combining international standards and practices with a strong understanding of local culture, Talentnet ensures the best quality of service for its clients.
  • Who should use: Multinational companies and large local corporations looking for comprehensive, risk-free HR outsourcing solutions can benefit from Talentnet’s reliable services. Talentnet is an ideal choice for those seeking a trustworthy long-term HR partner in Vietnam.
  • Pros: Leveraging extensive candidate databases and professional networks, Talentnet will give you the edge in finding the best-fit talents
    • Leveraging extensive candidate databases and professional networks, Talentnet provides quick access to quality human resources to fulfill urgent and high-volume hiring needs. Therefore many companies choose talent acquisition 
    • With over 10 years of experience, Talentnet is a prestigious leader in HR outsourcing in Vietnam and the region, serving major foreign and local companies.
    • Talentnet ensures 100% legal compliance, provides dedicated HR consulting, and manages labor relations issues for clients, allowing them to focus on core operations.

Adecco Vietnam

  • Overview: Adecco Vietnam is a leading staffing firm, operating through a joint venture between the Swiss-based human resources consulting firm Adecco Group and local partners. Adecco entered Vietnam in 2015.
  • Why picked: As part of the world’s largest HR solutions partner, Adecco Vietnam draws on Adecco’s over 50 years of global experience in talent solutions. This gives Adecco Vietnam unmatched expertise and resources to meet all HR outsourcing needs.
  • Who should use: With capabilities to handle large-volume workforce needs, Adecco Vietnam is ideal for bigger enterprises in Vietnam looking to scale their talent acquisition and talent strategy.
  • Pros: Adecco Vietnam’s extensive global network and databases allow it to tap into a wider talent pool to source candidates for clients’ hiring needs. The firm also leverages the latest technologies and innovations from Adecco Group to deliver cutting-edge HR outsourcing services to clients in Vietnam.


  • Overview: As a global leader in innovative workforce solutions, Manpower has provided recruitment, staffing, outsourcing, and payroll services to companies of all sizes for over 70 years. In Vietnam, Manpower collaborates with clients across industries to deliver data-driven talent solutions.
  • Why picked: Manpower’s vast experience and stellar reputation make it a trusted choice for HR outsourcing globally and in Vietnam. By leveraging analytics and insights, Manpower makes informed talent decisions for sustainable growth.
  • Who should use: Manpower provides a diverse range of HR services, making it suitable for Vietnamese companies of any size seeking a strategic talent solutions partner.

Pros: Manpower’s worldwide presence and access to a large talent pool allow it to quickly meet urgent and high-volume hiring needs. It offers sector-specific workforce consulting, enabling clients to stay ahead of evolving HR needs.

Top HR outsourcing companies
Top HR outsourcing companies

Persolkelly Vietnam

  • Overview: As a leading Japanese HR services company, Persolkelly Asia has an extensive presence across the Asia Pacific region. For over 50 years Persolkelly has focused on meeting organizations’ recruitment, HR consulting, and outsourcing needs.
  • Why picked: Persolkelly leverages deep workforce insights and passion for innovative solutions to enable clients’ talent strategy in Vietnam and Asia. Its regional focus also allows tailored offerings.
  • Who should use: Persolkelly is an ideal strategic talent partner for Vietnamese companies looking to benefit from quality regional and localized services.
  • Pros: With an extensive talent database across Asia, Persolkelly provides clients access to qualified regional talent. It heavily invests in HR tech and tools to equip clients with innovative, forward-thinking talent acquisition solutions tailored to Vietnam. Personally also has very high customer service standards to ensure client satisfaction.


  • Overview: Established in 2011, HR2B has quickly emerged as a leading Vietnam-focused human resources firm. It provides a comprehensive range of outsourcing solutions including recruitment, payroll, compliance, HR admin and consulting to clients of all sizes in Vietnam.
  • Why picked: HR2B’s strong local expertise helps clients successfully navigate Vietnam’s complex employment landscape. Its focus on technology and innovation also equips clients with modern HR tools.
  • Who should use: HR2B is a good fit for foreign companies entering Vietnam and local companies seeking an integrated HR partner with local experience.
  • Pros: Excellent understanding of local HR legal frameworks allows HR2B to ensure legal compliance for clients’ Vietnam operations. It leverages extensive networks and candidate databases tailored to Vietnam to access quality talent. As an online-based platform, HR2B also offers convenient, modern tools for recruitment and workforce management needs.

Vietnam’s HR outsourcing space is heating up, expected to maintain an upward trajectory in sync with robust talent demand. As firms increasingly tap external expertise for optimized workforce planning and talent acquisition, a thorough evaluation of provider capabilities and fit is vital before outsourcing. While the reviewed best HR outsourcing companies each have unique strengths, businesses must align choices to internal size, industry, existing HR bandwidth, and strategic priorities. Those that leverage HR outsourcing strategically will gain a sustained competitive edge.

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