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Lay Off Employees Just Like … Break Up With Partners

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- Don't "break-up" by messages


Due to Covid-19, many businesses must lay off their employees, but how to do it professionally and reasonably?

- Don't "break-up" by messages

A lay-off message is not what HR department or managers should do, instead an exit interview where employees can express their feeling can be much more appreciated.

- Giving each others another chance

Managers are encouraged to conversate with their employees who can still benefit the businesses but are about to resign to learn whether they could relocate to another position to best ultilize their abilities.

- Managers help employees find another job

The relationship between businesses and employees should last even after the employees resign. The managers should keep the relationship with the resigned employees and giving them advises on next steps. This can bring future collaboration opportunity for both sides.

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Thanh Hằng

Source: Thanh Nien