Person–centric – the trend of times 

Person–centric – the trend of times 

September 11, 2023

After numerous factors that directly affect employees, businesses are slightly transitioning the work environment from “People-centric” to “Person-centric”.

What is the difference between “People-Centric” with “Person-Centric”? 

“People-Centric” – can be considered as the top strategy that many businesses apply because of the humanistic message behind it: workers are all human, not just hired machines. This strategy helps employees feel values, given the opportunity to develop, therefore, the organization works more cohesively and effectively.  

However, over time, focusing on “human” or “employee” is still not enough, because these are still keywords that represent the collective, the majority not really towards each individual. 

According to Mr. Jack Nguyen – Deputy CEO of Talentnet Corporation, if previously a benefit could apply to all employees equally, now workers require more than that. He mentioned that this is an inevitable result of changing workers’ mindsets after a choppy market. Besides that, the change in the work model also opens various needs and desires for flexibility for the benefit of each individual. 

“Person-Centric” – Where does the business start? 

According to “Top Employers Institute World of Work Trends Report 2023”, a survey conducted with the global workforce predicted 2023 will be the time “People-Centric” transform into “Person-Centric”. 

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Around the world, many organizations have also launched initiatives to not only meet individual needs, but also empower workers to choose. 

At WalkMe, an American software service company, a new employee in addition to a laptop provided by the company will also receive an additional $300 to freely purchase suitable equipment for the work-from-home corner. Or Microsoft, a big company that is attractive for its welfare programs for employees to choose from, following their spiritual needs. From the group of health services including weight management, fitness training, relaxing massage, use of the running track, football field, and gym to essential services such as dry cleaning, delivery, and restaurant.  

“Person-Centric” can be challenging but in terms of long-term benefits, this strategy not only brings advantages for employees but also for the organization. 

To operate “Person-Centric”, organizations need to invest more time and effort in listening to each employee, to increase personalization. However, this can only be achieved with the support of technology platforms that enable real-time, continuous measurement and reporting of each employee’s actual needs and experiences. 

In Vietnam, this is still a distant future, but businesses can fully implement the closest goal is to personalize the salary and benefit scheme, meeting the real needs of current employees. 

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