Professional and Effective Recruitment: from Screening CVs to Selecting the Most Suitable Candidates

Professional and Effective Recruitment: from Screening CVs to Selecting the Most Suitable Candidates

May 25, 2021

Even though finding the right candidates is not simple and depends on many different factors, there are basic points to keep in mind for an efficient recruitment process, either through the internal teams or with the help of executive search companies.

Professional and Effective Recruitment: from Screening CVs to Selecting the Most Suitable Candidates
Effective recruitment requires the clear stratery from screening CVs stage
Effective recruitment requires a clear strategy from screening CVs stage

Understanding the company’s requirements

From general positions to managers and senior leaders, every position requires a specific talent attraction and recruitment strategy that is closely aligned with the company’s requirements at the time of hiring. Is the company in a state of being ready for employees training programs or is it in need of a “talent” to join the company and immediately proceed to solve ongoing problems? If so, will the normal hiring process be enough or the company needs to work with executive recruitment agencies? The company in need of a “culture fit” or a “culture buy” method? Understanding all these necessary requirements will help smoothen the recruitment process.

 A clear recruiting process

For every company, having a clear and culturally appropriate recruitment process is extremely important. Each specific position should have its own standardized recruitment process to facilitate the evaluation of candidates. For senior management positions candidates, the implementation of appropriate skills assessment techniques help executive-level recruiters recognize the capabilities of each candidate. For example, the simulation of real life situations helps to assess the candidate’s sensitivity and improvising ability; teamwork activities to test their networking skill; presentation activities to review their public speaking skill.

Methods to approach and attract candidates

Recruitment is no different from marketing, with the essential point is to understand the candidate deeply, then plan a reasonable approach and choose the right recruitment method.

With senior management positions, such as senior leaders or executive positions, besides building company image to attract candidates, the role of executive search firms is not to be overlooked. Through executive level recruitment agencies, recruitment time is shortened thanks to their regularly updated information network and extremely in-depth market insights.

In addition to using an executive search agency or posting information on traditional channels, do not ignore the benefits of the internal recruitment network, because this is one of the most economical and fastest recruitment channels. Through attractive bonus policies, along with full, detailed information, employees will actively recommend their friends and families to apply for various appropriate positions at the company.

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