THE MAKEOVER 2023: Diverse Perspectives on Business Innovation

THE MAKEOVER 2023: Diverse Perspectives on Business Innovation

October 20, 2023

On October 18th 2023, Talentnet Corporation successfully organized the first day of The Makeover 2023 with the participation of 20+ speakers who are innovative strategies, leading experts from around the world with the theme: “Crafting Change”.

The Makeover – Day 01 presentations here

The Makeover 2023

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Click here to view highlights of The Makeover 2023 – Day 02: “Sharpening Change” – Talentnet-Mercer Total Remuneration Survey Report 2023.

The Makeover is not just another generic event, but also a place to change the thinking of business leaders about innovation and creativity in human resources management strategies.

The Makeover_Talentnet_Ms. Tiêu Yến Trinh speech

More specially, The Makeover has invited Andreas Ekström – a world-class TED Talk speaker who has spoken in 30 countries and is the world’s leading expert on the issue surrounding social awareness on digital platforms from Switzerland, and many senior leaders from around the world and high-class speakers from leading businesses in Vietnam:

1. Mr. Andreas Ekström

TED Speaker

Spoken in over 30 countries with several awards

Swedish “Speaker of the year” award in 2019

Author and digital futurist

Author of the best-seller “The Google Code”

2. Dr. Son Do Lenh – PhD EPFL, Harvard Research | Head of Experience, Wealth Management Technology, Leading private bank in Switzerland

3. Mr. Ben Burrowes – Regional Director – Asia, Education New Zealand (ENZ)

4. Mr. Alan Malcolm – Head of Partnerships, Udemy

5. Ms. Akshita Shetty – CHRO of SAP South East Asia, Interim HR Leader for Customer Success of SAP APJ, SAP

6. Mr. Johan Nyvene – Chairman, Ho Chi Minh City Securities (HSC)

7. Mr. Andrea Campagnoli – Partner, Head of Vietnam office, Bain & Company Inc

8. Mr. Brook Taylor – CEO Asset Management, VinaCapital

9. Mr. Le Tri Thong – Vice Chairman & CEO, PNJ

10. Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh – Founder & CEO, Talentnet Corporation

11. Ms. Tran Thi Ai Lien – CHRO, AIA Vietnam

12. Ms. Trinh Mai Phuong – Vice President – Human Resources, Unilever Vietnam

13. Mr. Abhishek Mathur – Founder & Managing Partner, Potential Lab Ltd.

14. Mr. Nguyen Khac Nguyen – Vice President, ACB

15. Ms. Nguyen Ha Trang – HR Director, PepsiCo Foods Vietnam

16. Ms. Alexis Pham – Chief People Officer, Home Credit Vietnam

17. Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Hang – HR Director, Bosch Global Software Technologies Vietnam

18. Mr. An Bui – Head of Business Marketing, TikTok Vietnam

19. Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong – Deputy CEO, Talentnet Corporation

20. Mr. Tony Dang Quoc Tuan – Managing Director of Talentnet Singapore
Head of Total Business Solutions, Talentnet Corporation

21. Ms. Ly Ngoc Tran – Head of HR Outsourcing Services, Talentnet Corporation

22. Ms. Nguyen Thi An Ha – Head of Marketing & Strategic Partnership, Talentnet Corporation

Highlights of 10 sessions of The Makeover 2023


Vietnam: Asia’s Rising Star – Incorporating Vietnam’s Growth Drivers into Business Innovation

Session A

In the presentation, CEO Asset Management of VinaCapital – Mr. Brook Taylor shared the global challenges being faced, and from there, it also brings opportunities for Asia’s rising star – Vietnam. Mr. Brook shared: “Vietnam is a Tiger Economy, and it will probably grow and develop to become a unicorn of Asia soon similar to how Taiwan and South Korea did.”

The Makeover_Talentnet_Mr. Brook Taylor_Asia Rising Star

Making Innovation Happen: A Perspective From New Zealand

Session B

With the perspective of someone who deeply understands the importance of education and culture, Mr. Ben Burrowes – Region Director – Asia, Education New Zealand (ENZ) brings many new perspectives about the success of New Zealand in innovation and moving towards synchronous improvement through the spirit of getting out of the rut, taking advantage of resources to come up with optimal strategies.

The Makeover_Talentnet_Mr. Ben Burrowes_New Zealand

Panel: The Disciplines Of Newness

Session C

As leaders and their companies venture into the process of change and innovation, they have two options: one is to adjust plans based on new ideas to avoid risks, and two is to strengthen their determination to overcome every challenge. Mr. Johan Nyvene, Mr. Andrea Campagnoli, Mr. Le Tri Thong, Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh, and moderator Mr. Tony Dang Quoc Tuan have shared thoughts and strategies to solve difficulties in business change and innovation.

The Makeover_Talentnet_The disciplines of newness

Break-out Sessions

Next are 3 topics happening in parallel

Session D1: Choosing Strategy For Change: Success-Proven Prescriptions

HR leaders of leading businesses in Vietnam – Ms. Tran Thi Ai Lien, Ms. Trinh Mai Phuong, Mr. Abhishek Mathur, and Ms. Nguyen Thi Thanh Huong sat down, discussed, and came up with an innovative and creative process that can both keep up with the reality of modern business diversity and simplify the process to bring success to businesses.

Talentnet_The Makeover_Session D1: Choosing Strategy For Change: Success Proven Prescriptions

Session D2: The Rebirth Of HR Skillsets: Beyond The Technical Norms

The workforce in business is becoming more diverse than ever with many generations with many different needs. Therefore, although this unexpected panel of HR expert Ms. Tran Thi Thuy Hang, along with Mr. An Bui and Ms. Nguyen Thi An Ha, has shaped skills that seemed unrelated to human resources but were necessary to engage with their employees, especially the new generation of workers.

Talentnet_The Makeover_The Rebirth Of HR Skillsets: Beyond The technical Norms

Session D3: Evolving Workforce Models For Success

Mr. Nguyen Khac Nguyen, Ms. Nguyen Ha Trang with Ms. Alexis Pham shared their own version of the workforce model that is successfully being applied in their businesses. With Ms. Ly Ngoc Tran as the moderator, the speakers agreed that despite the differences in the model applied, the key factor for innovation remains the change in the mindset of the workforce, and the necessary solutions to promote such changes among employees.

Talentnet_The Makeover_Evolving Workforce Models For Success

Making Innovation The DNA of HR People

Session E

In the process of innovation, businesses need to memorize some key genetic codes in the process of activating their creativity. Ms. Akshita Shetty had some sharing about how businesses can activate the genetic codes of innovation in every HR manager and at the same time how to innovate, be creative outside our safe zone.

Talentnet_The Makeover_Ms. Akshita Shetty

How Human Resources Can Drive Innovation In The Modern of Learning Organisation

Session F

To continue the topic of each HR’s genetic codes of innovation, Mr. Alan Malcolm shared some interesting statistics: “40% of the global workforce will need to reskill within 6 months or more to catch up with the change of technology.” In addition, Mr. Alan Malcolm also helped businesses discover and understand methods to elevate HR managers’ importance in various businesses.

Talentnet_The Makeover_Mr. Alan Malcolm_Udemy

To view and download the presentation “How Human Resources Can Drive Innovation In The Modern Of Learning Organisation” of Mr. Alan Malcolm from Udemy, please click here.


Innovation And Transformation Across Boundaries

Session G

Dr. Son Do Lenh, with diverse experiences in academic environments to multinational businesses, shares his profound perspective on the innovation process. For him, the important thing that needs to be noted in “Innovation” is the thought of “n” possibilities. With the “n”, businesses can come up with multiple ideas, approach in many different aspects or test many different ways without being constrained by any factors.

Talentnet_The Makeover_Dr. Son Do Lenh

7 Ways to Own The World

Session H

With his special appearance, TED speaker Andreas Ekström had the opportunity to share with Vietnamese’s top business leaders the “7 ways to own the world”. With these 7 ways, Andreas Ekström brought a new perspective so that each individual can have the “upper hand” in the face of all changes, especially with technological shifts.

Talentnet_The Makeover_Mr. Andreas Ekstrom_taking wefie
Talentnet_The Makeover_Mr. Andreas Ekstrom

During the event on 18-19 October, The Makeover welcomed over 1,000 attendees and 26 global speakers sharing about 13 topics of Innovation. Under the theme “not another generic business event,” The Makeover by Talentnet in collaboration with sponsors: PVCFC, PVOil, PNJ, and Sacombank, aims to foster businesses with their innovation through people management strategies.

Let's talk

Let's talk

Coming soon: Live Panel about Labour law & Social Insurance

Live Panel: Labour Inspection, Work Permit and Draft Law on Social Insurance (amended)

26th June, 2024 | Live on Quickom platform

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