Three Reasons Why Hospitality Training Matters

Three Reasons Why Hospitality Training Matters

February 11, 2022

According to a McKinsey study, exceptional customer service is essential in hospitality industry as it affects 70% of all purchase decisions. But, investing in well-furnished rooms and convenient facilities is not enough to guarantee success. There are 57.7% of customers indicating that negative staff behavior is the main factor in significantly lowering their overall satisfaction and negating their decision to return, according to Tourism and Hospitality Research by Hanan Saad Kattara. That is why you should focus on hospitality training for your employees to ensure excellent customer service and business sustainability.

Three Reasons Why Hospitality Training Matters

​​Three Reasons Why Hospitality Training Matters

Numerous studies have shown that a comprehensive training program on certain specific values and standards offers many advantages for hospitality businesses.

Deliver high ROIs

While most hospitality businesses tend to overlook staff training due to associated costs, training is a revenue generator. It is for a fact that employee training and development brings a high return on investment (ROI) for businesses. In a study with a large hotel chain, EHL demonstrated that well-trained employees improved revenue by over 5% and client happiness by 5-7%, and increased the likelihood of booking by 2.5 times!

Specifically, the hospitality industry demands employees to be familiar with all roles, whether back of house or front of house; and those roles require specialized training. Not only specialized skills, employees need to be trained in communication skills, coordination and etiquette to be able to create enjoyable experiences for customers. Fully satisfied customers can become loyal customers who are always willing to experience the service again and this repeat business is among the best indicators of strong ROI.

Strengthen business culture

Every hotel has its own unique style in expressing their hospitality to customers. You could recall a hotel by the chocolates a kind maid left on your pillow. Towels folded in the shape of monkeys on the bed from a cruise company to welcome their guests. Or even a signature greeting once you arrive at a hotel in a tropical country. This is part of a corporate culture that encompasses all the values, attitude and behaviours that a business appreciates, expresses and practices with the ultimate goal of improving customer experience.

Three Reasons Why Hospitality Training Matters

Hospitality training helps maintain a consistent experience for everyone. Such training programs provide a unified way to handle customer complaints or help all employees behave in a way that best represents the core values and attributes of the brand.

Employee growth and performance

If a company invests in training, it can easily spot talents and draw the right career paths for those talents. That way many hospitality workers who start in entry-level positions understand what they need to do and where they are heading to, soon becoming the main workforce for the company.

Moreover, as employees know that the company is putting effort into them, they are more likely to feel motivated to perform well. Employees who are happy at work deliver better customer service, contributing to the essence and ultimate goal of any company in the hospitality industry.

Three Reasons Why Hospitality Training Matters

Hospitality training certainly plays a crucial role in company development, however, it can also be a challenging task for both individuals and businesses. To develop a hospitality training plan effectively, consider the experts of Talentnet – the leading human resources consulting company in Vietnam, as your comprehensive consultant. With extensive experience in HR areas, we are confident to offer the total-solution-package tailored to your business needs.

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