Is Gen X Becoming “The Scriberia” In The Workplace?

Is Gen X Becoming “The Scriberia” In The Workplace?

October 11, 2022

The phrase "Scriberia" appeared in the recent movie named Inventing Anna to refer to veteran employees, who are quietly working in the office with not many people knowing about their presence. Nowadays, Gen X at many businesses gets into this situation because of age discrimination.

Is Gen X Becoming “The Scriberia” In The Workplace?

Is Gen X Becoming “The Scriberia” In The Workplace?

Equal to everything except for age 

Holding the most experienced and years of work, however, Gen X is facing worries about how to maintain their title and position. Especially against potential, dynamic, and true digital natives like Gen Z and Gen Y. 

According to recent research by AARP, nearly 80% of the older workforce in the US claimed that they experience age discrimination in the workplace, which is also the highest rate since the lastest survey in 2003. Working in the digital transformation wave, Gen X is easily “framed” into certain characteristics, which might isolate them from others.  

Ms. Nguyễn Thị Thanh Hương – Deputy CEO of Talentnet shared: “Even though Gen X is known for their experienced and skillful traits, which help them to master the work in different roles, the age discrimination, and Gen Z have increased the stress level in the global job market for this generation.” 

Direction for Gen X – One way or another 

There are undeniable advantages Gen X has taken over others as their deep understanding of the procedures and business. For that reason, they can become a comprehensive mentor for other generations. Ms. Hương suggested: “Gen X can develop in the direction of becoming a mentor, passing on knowledge and experience to younger employees. This gives Gen X the opportunity to hone their orientation skills, demonstrate their own values, and at the same time, strengthen the business workforce. It can be said that becoming a mentor is like leaving a legacy for future generations after Gen X retires or transfers jobs.” 

And to make this happen, it takes cooperation from both Gen X and support from businesses. 

Is Gen X Becoming “The Scriberia” In The Workplace?

For Gen X  

Gen X is more experienced and has wider perspectives since they have certain years of experience in life and career, which can make their advice and solution more valuable for young employees. Here are some tips for Gen X to apply in order to become a good mentor: 

  • Provide questions to guide young employees to find answers on their own. 
  • Instead of imposing rules, Gen X should provide suggestions and perspectives to create a better understanding and trigger the cooperation of other employees. 
  • Feel free to share your points of view and practical experiences with the team to learn from your mistakes. 
  • As a senior manager, Gen X can proactively improve important standards and procedures to create a smoother and more effective collaboration between generations. 

For Businesses 

Ms. Hương said: “Businesses can encourage Gen X to develop and create more value for the company through the experience they have. Specifically, businesses can organize internal training courses and let Gen X employees be the “lecture”, thereby creating opportunities for them to affirm their roles and values ​​with younger employees. In addition, honoring Gen X’s dedication and ability with rewards will be an effective morale booster.” 

In order to help Gen X turn the isolated island into a place to nurture talents, they must strive to develop the necessary skills to become a great mentor and the companion of business leaders who will be a great moral support for Gen X to continue moving forward. 

Source: Báo Đầu Tư 

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