A Guide To The "Virtual Universe" – Metaverse For HR And Business

A Guide To The "Virtual Universe" – Metaverse For HR And Business

May 19, 2022

The implementation of Metaverse in human resources management within Vietnam requires a "cautious" transformation

A Guide To The "Virtual Universe" – Metaverse For HR And Business

A Guide To The "Virtual Universe" – Metaverse For HR And Business

Manage your people with Metaverse, why not?

In October 2021, Facebook changed its name to Meta and, according to this “tech giant”, Metaverse is a virtual world where you can interact with people who are geographically far away, or in another country.

The benefits from Metaverse are not only “encapsulated” in the above category, but also go beyond all limits and provide HR departments and businesses with a new management platform. In 2017, KFC developed a virtual kitchen to guide their employees by allowing them to access the kitchen and make the KFC chicken by themselves according to Colonel Sanders’s recipe.

“Metaverse is a “tool” that helps businesses keep pace with the international market in 2022. When joining a virtual world, the interaction and connection of employees still significantly increased, even the remote working policy is applied. Also, it is easier to convey the knowledge and practical experiences thanks to the diversity of Metaverse. ” – Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh – CEO of Talentnet commented on the potential of Metaverse.

3 tips for those who are “into” the Metaverse trend in Vietnam in the year 2022

1. A step-by-step “introduction” to Metaverse

In Vietnam, only a few companies have been applying Metaverse in the recruitment process because of several disadvantages this technology might bring. Therefore, according to Ms. Trinh, domestic businesses need to gradually learn and improve their knowledge of Metaverse to be able to apply Metaverse to several HR activities such as CV screening, meetings, etc.

2. Test to determine effective Metaverse application

Each business has different needs and leaders need to be persistent to choose the Metaverse platform that suits the company’s culture and operation. Metaverse also possesses “limitless” potential in simulating soft skills training sessions related to DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) within the enterprise and the employee’s skills. According to research by PwC and Talespin, employees absorb knowledge on the Metaverse platform 4 times faster than in a normal class.

A Guide To The "Virtual Universe" – Metaverse For HR And Business

3. Convert “conscientiously” with Metaverse

At Mobile World Congress 2022, Vice President of Meta, Mr. Dan Rabinovitsj affirmed that today’s mobile device network and telecommunications networks are not ready for virtual technology. Therefore, the implementation of “virtual” technology can also lead to system safety and network security problems in the “real universe”. To be able to properly apply Metaverse, businesses need to be ready for a generous budget for technology equipment, infrastructure, hardware as well as network systems. However, the internet infrastructure in Vietnam is not as good compared in regions and the world. For that reason, the application of Metaverse in human resource management within Vietnam companies needs a “cautious” transformation.

“Just like when adopting a new way of working, businesses must have a complete strategy in place to prevent problems during the transition. Similarly, when becoming a “guide” for the Metaverse trend, HR leaders need to consciously choose the right category when applying Metaverse and draft a well-thought-out plan with specific measurement tools to avoid money waste and employee loss”, Ms. Trinh affirmed.

Source: CafeBiz

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