Highlights of “CEO Chat: Aligning Tech & People for Sustainable Growth”

Highlights of “CEO Chat: Aligning Tech & People for Sustainable Growth”

July 14, 2023

On 15th June, Talentnet and Mercer successfully organized an event for C-level leaders in Ho Chi Minh City under the theme “CEO Chat: Aligning Tech & People for Sustainable Growth”, attracting nearly 80 C-level business leaders.

Highlights of “CEO Chat: Aligning Tech & People for Sustainable Growth”

The exclusive CEO Chat has introduced disruptive technologies that are altering the business landscape and discussed how business leaders can balance innovation and people strategies to drive sustainable changes.

The event featured 04 sessions:

  1. Keynote: Vietnam Economic Resilience amid Uncertainty
    Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, CFA – Economist, Research & Intelligence, Dragon Capital 
  2. Keynote: Into the Disruptive Technology Landscape
    Ms. Nguyen Quynh Tram – Country General Manager, Microsoft Vietnam
  3. Keynote: What’s Next for People Strategies in Tech Era?
    Mr. Lionel Low – Senior Client Solutions Principal, Mercer 
  4. Panel Discussion: Redesign for Resilience: A Sustainable Workforce Strategy for the Future
    Ms. Tran Tue Tri – CEO, Pharmacity 
    Mr. Wayne Beasant – CEO, AIA Vietnam
    Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh – CEO, Talentnet 
    Moderator: Mr. Lewis Garrad – Partner, Career Business Leader, Mercer

CEO Chat 2

In the presentation, Mr. Nguyen Quang Hung, CFA – Economist, Research & Intelligence, of Dragon Capital shared his predictions about the upscaling of Vietnam’s economy besides the fluctuations during the first six months of 2023. According to Mr. Hung“The economic growth reached 5.5%. Although it does not reach the set target, with the positive developments and the proportion of inflation is predicted at 0, Vietnam continues to attract the foreign direct investment and has the positive sign for the economics.” 

CEO Chat 3

Ms. Nguyen Quynh Tram – Country General Manager of Microsoft Vietnam shared some highlights from the Work Trend Index 2023 report to demonstrate the essentiality of technology integration in the business landscape. Mr. Lionel Low, Senior Client Solutions Principal of Mercer added the changes in human resources strategy that businesses should consider amidst the current technological landscape.

CEO Chat 4

At the panel discussion, 4 experts discussed how to redesign a sustainable workforce strategy for the future. In addition, to address the question of how to cultivate a resilient culture that leads to a more efficient and streamlined organizational structure, Ms. Tran Tue Tri, CEO of Pharmacity, presented the 3C model:

  • Clarity: clarity and transparency in communication with employees.
  • Culture: a culture of transformation, collaboration, sharing, and responsibility, with leadership generations serving as role models.
  • Commitment: providing employees with a clear path for progression and personal development.

Mr. Wayne Besant – CEO of AIA Vietnam pointed out the positive perspective of Vietnam’s economy in attracting foreign investments and staying resilient amidst fluctuations. Among these factors, he mentioned the abundant and young workforce, and their readiness to learn and embrace new technologies.

CEO Chat 5

Although the current challenges, they are viewed as temporary hurdles. Ms. Tieu Yen Trinh – CEO, Talentnet commented: “We have talked a lot about high tech but do not forget that the experience has depth and emotion (high touch). With the support of technology, authentic experiences and personalization can create high value for businesses. We have a young and curious workforce that is willing to explore and innovate beyond the existing norms. This is a significant advantage for development amidst economic, social, and technological fluctuations, if businesses know how to leverage it. Businesses themselves also need to further enhance the vision of “shared economics,” meaning sharing values, goals, and achievements with employees to create synergy and success.

CEO Chat 6

Let's talk

Let's talk

Coming soon: Live Panel about Labour law & Social Insurance

Live Panel: Labour Inspection, Work Permit and Draft Law on Social Insurance (amended)

26th June, 2024 | Live on Quickom platform

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