Talentnet Hub - Engaging People - Driving Success

Talentnet Hub - Engaging People - Driving Success

August 17, 2021

A successful people management strategy results from many essential factors especially the power of knowledge, people connection, and digital technology. Therefore, Talentnet Hub was born to create a professional playground not only for HR people but also for those who want to master the People Management industry.

Talentnet Hub - Engaging People - Driving Success

However, almost all the HR community platforms in Vietnam can not afford these requirements due to the limitation of useful and necessary functions for its users. Therefore, Talentnet Hub was born to create a professional playground not only for HR people but also for those who want to master the People Management industry. Since August of 2021, Talentnet.vn has been modernized to be a close-knit community connected via share, learn and grow together with a friendly, effective and innovative visualization!

Talentnet Hub emphasizes our forward-thinking brand image featuring integrated functions that help you access in-depth content with multi-categories for multi-levels, as well as toolkits and templates to help you improve your work efficiency as a member of Talentnet Hub such as:

  • Full Content access unlimited
  • Exclusive event price just for Talentnet members
  • 10% Discount for Group purchase

Or you can enjoy the fast and convenient purchase experience with Talentnet Eshop! Add to cart & pay now any products such as training programs, Talentnet-Mercer surveys, reports, etc., just in one click. Our Services on Eshop are now available:

  • Talentnet event
  • Training Workshop
  • Talentnet-Mercer Survey
  • Report
  • Pre-employment Check
  • Exclusive & Limited edition office set: A Little Fun @ Work.

In the integrated platform, you are not alone in the journey to success! Our Talentnet Expert team with inspiring stories and practical experiences will give you valuable advice within 72 hours after you submit questions. Featuring Glocal – Global Expertise, Local Insight, our experts share their expertise in Live-stream, workshops, & webinars that can help you find your direction or treasured insight for your next action. Connecting now!

Talentnet Hub is not only a powerful information platform but also a modern playground to help you unlock your potential and drive to succeed. Connect with Talentnet Hub now to discover and experience our spectacular service!

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Let's talk

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