How to Choose a Recruitment Agency: Key Questions & Criteria

How to Choose a Recruitment Agency: Key Questions & Criteria

May 31, 2021

Choosing a recruiting partner that aligns with your business objectives and optimizes both time and finances is essential for long-term success. Businesses oftentimes prioritize recruiting partners who preserve a wide range of partnerships and eligible applicants’ contacts. However, considering the abundance of recruiting agencies out there, which one will be the most suitable for you?

Choosing the right recruitment agency
Choosing the right recruitment agency

Knowing how to choose a recruitment agency that aligns with your goals is vital for success. Instead of wondering if the agency is familiar with businesses like yours, consider how prestigious the recruiting agency is in your area. Do they have a particular recruitment process that works well with your sector? Was the company founded by someone who had an extensive network since then? This article delves into these critical factors, among others, to guide you in making an informed decision when selecting a recruiting partner.

Questions that you may address to define your best partner

Right questions on how to choose a recruitment agency that you may address to define your best partner. Each recruiting agency should demonstrate a reason why they are the best fit for you, which begins with an overview of their expertise. Below are a few questions that you may address to define your best partner.

What is the hiring time of the recruiting agency?

According to the Society for Human Resource Management, the average time-to-hire is 36 days. Naturally, which varies by sector, but it is good to know your own median hire time.

One of the best benefits of cooperating with a recruiting firm is that it could draw applicants swifter than you could. On average, they should be able to get back to you in fewer than 30 days for a qualifying applicant. If the agency cannot refer a suitable candidate as soon as possible, consider partnering with a new firm.

What is the ratio between interview and recruitment?

The interview-to-hire ratio examines the number of applicants a recruiting agency interviews before they make an offer. The recruitment structure varies among industries, however, 3:1 is a relatively consistent ratio. 

Knowing the standard ratio of your recruiting process will provide you with a benchmark to evaluate the efficiency of a recruiting firm. You should look further if the figure is unorthodox. For instance, if an organization uses 25 candidates from its talent pool to interview before making an offer, there might be some problems whilst the recruitment process, whether in the job description or the screening method. On the other hand, if the ratio is 2:1, the firm might not be casting a wide enough net to find the best candidates.

Does the agency have additional services?

According to a study by staffing industry analysts, many agencies are now offering other services consisting of accounting, and more. Other agencies may include healthcare benefits, which could assist in alleviating those costs for your business as well. 

Criteria for choosing a headhunter agency
Criteria for choosing a headhunter agency

Criteria for choosing a headhunter agency

When it comes to the process of hiring, a trusted and efficient headhunter agency can make all the difference. But with a plethora of options available, how to choose a recruitment agency for its recruiting needs? Here, we deep dive into the fundamental criteria to consider.

Be strong in the field of the client’s business

When figuring out how to select a recruitment agency, businesses should choose agencies that specialize or have strengths in the fields in which they operate. Because then, these headhunters will better understand the wishes and expectations of the business for the recruiting position. At the same time, with many years of experience, the company can offer a competitive salary, in line with the general level of the market. And mainly because they already have strengths in the field, they will have a diverse source of candidates to meet and save times.

Have a reputable brand

Currently, on the market, there are many companies providing headhunter services. Still, not all companies will bring good results to your business. For reputable headhunter agencies, they provide complete information about their executive search services on their websites. And an excellent headhunter needs to have highly qualified and experienced staff. At the same time, there must be an extensive network of relationships, diverse industries, and a quality database accumulated over many years.

In addition, you can refer to acquaintances or people who have used headhunter services of different companies from groups on social networks. From there, you can make the right choice for your business. Some of the top headhunter agencies in Vietnam today include Talentnet, HR2B, and HR channels,…

Reasonable price and clear policy

Cost is one of the reasons why businesses are afraid to use headhunting services. The cost can depend quite a lot on the brand of the headhunting company. Therefore, headhunt companies need to offer reasonable prices and compete with the market. And, of course, businesses will feel more secure about the service and quality of candidates.

Before signing with any headhunting company, one important thing is to pay attention to the information related to the service provider policy clearly, such as warranty policy, claims, customer service, and support. At the same time, contract terms and payment conditions also need to be handled transparently.

Attitude, ability to support

Attitude and working style are factors that make cooperation convenient and practical. Therefore, the attitude of the headhunter is essential. With an intermediary position connecting candidates and businesses, headhunters need to provide accurate and specific information for both parties. Besides, the excellent communication of the headhunters will help to understand the customer’s requirements better and then respond as best as possible.

Conclusion: Take time to think about your process

Selecting a recruitment agency is not just a tactical decision but a strategic one that can impact your business’s future. Take time to think about what is critical for your organization before starting looking for recruiting agencies. After addressing the aforementioned questions, you may also reflect on your business needs: Are you searching for candidates who align with your mission? Are soft skills crucial for you? Is time vital or are you willing to wait for the right candidates? When thinking about how to choose a recruitment agency, take time to thoroughly evaluate potential recruiting partners on factors such as alignment with business objectives, hiring time, and cost-effectiveness, you place your business in a much stronger position to achieve its long-term goals.

As the leading HR consulting firm in Vietnam, Talentnet has state-of-the-art technologies with high security, and specialized consultants in labor law and relevant HR solutions, making them an ideal long-term human resources partner. Contact us to learn how Talentnet can save you time, resources and find highly skilled staff ready to work for you.

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